What is the scope of this book?

Reef Fishes of Oman is a photographic reference guide to the identification of the most frequently observed fishes of Oman.

What is the format of the book ?

Reef Fishes of Oman is an ebook downloadable to a user’s device as a PDF file. It is not yet published as a hardback.

What geographical area does the book cover?

The book will be useful for divers and snorkelers who visit Musandam, the Gulf of Oman including the Daymanyat Islands and the dive sites around Muscat. It also covers the Arabian Sea, including Masirah and the Dhofar coast of southern Oman around Salalah and Mirbat.

What is the source of the photographs in the book?

With one exception (the Two-tone damselfish) all the photographs were taken by the author or his immediate family. Where species have different colour forms  depending on locality only the Oman form is shown.

Is every known species in the area included?

No, but all reef fishes that are likely to be seen at recreational diving depths are included.  This guide shows 385 species that have been personally observed and identified by the author, some of which have not previously been recorded from the area.

Some common Indian Ocean species such as pelagic sharks, tunas and jacks and other sport fishing’ species are not included as they are not reef’ fish.

In what view are the fish shown?

The photographs have been selected to show a good lateral view of each fish.  Where appropriate male, female and juvenile forms are shown.

How are the fish described?

This book is intended for divers and snorkelers who observe fish as a relaxing pastime. Therefore there are no scientific details of spines, teeth and scales. The recreational diver sees colours, shapes, patterns, swimming motion and eyes. These are the characteristics emphasized in the book. Some of the descriptions are somewhat anthropomorphic or whimsical and would be frowned upon by fish experts, but are very useful aids to identification.

Will updates of the book be available?

There is much new work being done by the scientific community in recording, naming  and  classifying  Indo-Pacific  fishes. Periodic updates and additions will appear on the web site.  Other useful and interesting information will be included in the blog’ section.